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I'm not giving away Tropicana Orange Juice, but a shuffle stack of 11 Tropicana $1 Chips below in the pictures. We went to the Jersey shore(AC, Wildwood, and Cape May) for Vacation this week and stayed at the Tropicana which had a Poker room. The room is a decent size, but they only had 5 1-2 tables at the most running. After the pandemic when I play at a casino I've been trying to collect anywhere between 5-10 $1 chips to giveaway on here whether or not I have a winning or losing session. Somehow I miscounted and ended up with 11 chips. I wiped down the chips to clean them more as these were the cleanest ones I saw and collected. Most of the Trop's chips are grimy, but you'll find a great condition chip out of a few. This giveaway is open to any member with over 10 posts. To enter just type in "JESTER'S DEAD" as in Top Gun. I will have a randomizer and choose two people who will play it out to see who the winner is. I'll figure out which game later. Winner will pay shipping to their actual location and it can be international even though US shipper is preferred. I will leave this open until Next Friday 09/08/2023 8PM and do the drawing over the weekend.


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Going to choose the two people to play a head to head match up of 7 card stud soon.

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