Tropicana Being sold? (1 Viewer)

Great move by the seller. I love the history of Tropicana and what it represents as a pivotal part of old Vegas but in modern times Tropicana offers nothing unique.

The seller made the right move to get out now as there is no sign of re opening or recovering profits anytime in the near future.
I remember my first time walking in there. For whatever reason I was pretty excited to visit it. Needless to say I was not really impressed with the lack of games. It’s smaller size lent to a better atmosphere than New York, or MGM. But they do have okay chips.
Someone needs the capital to buy it, doze it, and rebuild it with a better use of the land. The location is still fantastic, but the layout of the property is extremely limiting. Excalibur has done far more with a similarly sized property. As much as I don't want to see the icon get razed, they really need to just rebuild that corner. If they choose to retain the moniker and the fountain, even better.

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