SOLD TRK King's Crown - 640 Chip Solid, Hot Stamped T10K Set (3 Viewers)

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Aug 12, 2013
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140 x $25 - Signal Green (very lightly used condition)
160 x $100 - Black (over half have worn hot stamps, otherwise good condition. 10 are non-denom stamp)
160 x $500 - Orange (very lightly used condition)
140 x $1000 - Light Turquoise (very lightly used condition)
40 x Non-denom - Off White (very lightly used condition)
Total: 640 chips
Price: $1500 (includes USPS Priority shipping in the USA)
Payment: Paypal Friends and Family

Overall, chips are in great, used condition. With the exception of the black $100s (see note below), hot stamps are still in great shape. There are flea bites on a small number of chips. These chips were definitely put into play, but they still have nice square edges.

Special Note: The black $100s have significant wear on the hot stamps. I've included a picture showing what the wear looks like. I would estimate that 50-60% of the black chips have this wear level on at least one side of the chip. Other than the stamp wear, these chips are in a similar condition to the other chips in the set.

Claim dibs in this thread if you are interested.

Thanks for looking!


I would only want it for a STT set since I am striking out on the ESPT dream.

A 80-80-60-100-40 breakdown would be ideal but I wouldn’t need the rest....
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