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Dec 5, 2016
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Fleming Island, FL
Assuming we don't all die, I'm planning a two day event late July. Absconded the idea from the Triton series.

I copied their blind structure. I only changed the 800/1600 and 8000/16000 to 1k/1.5k and 10k/15k. This allows me to get the 1k chips off during the second break.

I can accommodate 20 players, but our group is fading a little. I expect 10-12. Assuming that, I'd anticipate the game would end around level 20-22.

Starting Stack (I'd like to know what Triton started with, couldn't find it.)
500 x 10
1000 x 20
5000 x 20
25000 x 1 (plaque)
100000 x 1 (plaque)

Payouts & Bounty:
Like to hear your thoughts on those.

I want to reduce the field by about 50% by the end of day 1. I think ending the day on 10BB for a starting stack should do it. Day 2 should play about 3 hrs?

Anything else?


  • Voodoo Structure - Survivor.pdf
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Interesting question, how would we have a rule of thumb for how quickly a portion of the field would likely be eliminated similar to the 20BB rule we have for the conclusion of a tournament?

My concern with your starting stack is there won't be enough T25K plaques in play to effectively break the T100K plaques when change becomes necessary. But if the alternative would be to do five plaques per player, that could get tricky. But then again you are doing a lot of T5K chips so maybe it will work okay.

Level 1 and 2 look the same (is the intention for level 1 to be 500-500?), I think level 5 is probably skipable, but if you want to keep it, 1500-2500 is more consistent with the fact that the small blind for the 1500 BB level was rounded up to 1000-1500.

I would probably not do a color up following level 12 and keep levels 13-15 as 8K-16K, 10K-20K, and 12K-24K. (You might as well put off the color up until the end of the day instead of taking up break time and this also enables writing simple 1:2 levels)

Level 21 and 22 also appear repeated.

Overall looks good, just suggesting tweaks and thinks to look out for.
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