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Mine TR King Deadwoods - cleaning out the 'box of doubles' (1 Viewer)


Nov 2, 2014
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Maybe someone may want to add these to their collection or complete their sample set?
3 TR King Deadwood sample auctions: complete, 10 of 11 and 3 of 11.


Free shipping for all, bonus chips for you guys and gals. If you win just post here or PM me to let me know.

That yellow 5K chip, is making all the difference between the compete set and the 10 of 11 set.
Correct, the 5K chip is the one missing from the 10/11 set.
Hopefully 2 people that are missing some of the chips can finally complete their sample sets with the 2 non-complete sample sets.
I know what it's like to be missing a chip and I always found these 'partial' auctions helpful. Just trying to hook a brother up.
Yikes! Sorry about that Wilde Sau. Maybe you can put in your highest bid before bedtime and wake up a winner!

Good luck!!

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