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Nov 7, 2014
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Northern NJ and NY/Long Island Areas
17 of these have been pulled from Oceanic Airlines, & modified by Nakitomi Trading Corp to dispense poker chips
They are available for $580 ea direct from Nakitomi.

The Front ( not shown) Has a $$ bill receptor, & aluminum output tray , & it has been modified to dispense up to 7 different chips, at up to 24 pcs ea chip. ( User programmable, max storage 185 per denom)
Owner can set "Price" ( Buy-in), & amount of each chip dispensed for the 1st 6, plus the 7th is for "balance due/change",
Example $80 buy in tournament, user puts in a $100 , gets his various buy-in chips, plus four $5 chips.
The front can easily be fitted with a plexi-glass type panel with a custom name/graphic ( eg. " Finster's Poker Outhouse" )
Requires 2 keys, 1 to open back upper "chip" slots, & 1 for lower "cash" box.

Back with top cover off Shown, Item weighs "a ton"

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Noooo, isn't toiling away at the starting stacks the pride of chipper??

A robot may take my job but it may never take my chips.
That was my thought. DieHard. Yippie-Ki-Yay!!
Sun tan lotion vending machine ?
just thought "link?" sounded better than "group buy?"........

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