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Jul 10, 2015
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Niskayuna, NY
So after unpacking my all of my chips that have been in storage for over two years, I realize I might have accumulated too many Aruba Palm Beach chips (is it really possible to actually have too many?).

My thought was to split the chips into a cash set (option #2 below )and a tournament set (option #4 below) and then sell the tournament set. However, I wanted to make sure that what I offer as a tournament set makes sense to use as a set. So here are my thoughts.

500 chip set:
100 x T5
240 x T25
160 x T100

Starting stacks for a T1000 could be 10xT5, 22xT25, 4xT100 with the remaining (20) T25 and (120) T100 chips used for rebuys. Alternatively you could use higher starting stacks with less (or not rebuys) if you wanted.

Alternatively, if I wanted to give up another rack of $5 chips from the cash set, I could do a 600 chip set:
200 x T5
240 x T25
160 x T100

I suppose the advantage of this is that it could be used for a two-table tournament (without rebuys) with T1000 starting stacks of 10xT5, 10xT25, 7xT100.

So I guess my main questions are as follows:
1) Do either (or both) of the above breakdowns makes sense to offer for sale as a tournament set
2) Would the 600 chip set be much more desirable due to the increased flexibility of the set itself, or am I over thinking this.

As a final note, the total number of $100 chips is pretty much fixed at 160 as that the total number of have of one type (black+pink/green/gray). I have plenty (400) of the $25 chips (green+pink/white), so that number could be higher if need be.

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