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May 2, 2020
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What do you guys use during tournaments so people can see the blind structure?

Is there any software that people use to display it on a tv etc?
For a very straightforward solution, I just run the one described in this thread in a web browser window.

Nothing to download and install. Can save blind structure in a text file. Makes a noise when blinds change. That covers my needs. As described there, I make the numbers bigger 'cause my monitor is ancient and my players are freakin' blind, but gets the job done with very little set up.
I also paid for Tournament Director.
Takes a little bit to figure out, but well worth it. My 1 table, 10 person tourney runs like a league. We accumulate points each game. Play 10 games. After that we have a big final game where you get additional chips based on points. It encourages good play to try and place high each and every game.

The software saves the results of each game and adds up the points. I have every game/season for the last 8 years or so.
It's useful whenever someone suggests a change to the blinds etc and I can pull up past data and say we did that season 1 and game lasted an extra hour which we hated.

You can also customize your screens with your own logos, poker room/league name and things like that. I added the standard layout below, and a custom one shared in their forums which I use.

Or, you can just use it to run simple tourneys lol.

Custom download
EPL_layout1 (1).jpg


Before this I used to use Blind Valet for a simple quick set up. Haven't used it in years though.
I use Tournament Director as well. Hugely adaptable to show whatever info you want.

Want a pie chart circle in the background that represents how much time is left in the current blind level? Done.

Want a scrolling Marquee effect to show who knocked who out? Done.

Want into like average stack size, total big blinds left, how long the game's been running? Done.

That said, there's a learning curve, it isn't free, and if all you want is literally the blinds and a timer, there are far easier, free options.

"Blinds are up" is good for Android. You could cast onto a TV screen or monitor.
I have Tournament Director from like 2008 I paid for. It was awesome. It doesn’t work well on Windows 10. Is the new version worth it? Thinking about running tourneys again, but smaller this time around.
I use Blind Valet, I like it because it's just a webpage, so I can log on to it with whichever device that shows the blinds (e.g. a laptop) and also from my phone to control it.

It's free to use. The bells and whistles are free up to 9 players, but if you just want a timer and don't want all the fancy stuff then you can use it regardless of the nr of players, just set it to 9.
I use a free app called "Blinds are up!" on my Chromebook. Nothing fancy, but it's got a lot of useful features. You can save your structures, displays chips (that you can customize) with colors/denoms, shows prizes, sounds, etc. Bright, colorful, nice appearance, functional. About the best free one I've found.

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