In Progress (ordering closed) Top Hat Flamingo (THF) Dealer Button Group Buy (3 Viewers)

I will be organizing, collecting payment and shipping these.
Please PM me with your request. I will create a spreadsheet of who wants which DB and how many, I will and publish it here daily. Ordering will be open for a 2 weeks or so.
Once I have your order and address, I will request payment including shipping. @Salmonblaster is asking $8 plus actual shipping for each of his dealer buttons. Mine (Tangiers) are $6 +$.85 royalty plus actual shipping. Once I have payment I will mark the orders paid. I will be placing the order 2 weeks from today so payments will be required before then. All unpaid requests will be omitted from the ordering.
It usually takes them 3 to 4 weeks for production and another week to ship to my location. I will start packing labeling and shipping as soon as I receive the DB's.
I will keep everyone updated here on this thread.
If you have Ai artwork for a dealer button you desire, I would be happy to add it for $6 each plus actual shipping.
Today's update. I will post an update every evening until I close ordering. Names and Addresses will be hidden.
DB project 6.28.24.jpg
Deadline for payments and requests will be 6:30 pm CST On Thursday. Order will be processed and sent Friday morning.
All unpaid requests will be omitted from the order.
Here is the final order. With my personal order it goes well above 100 DB's.

DB project 7.11.24.jpg

I will be placing the order tomorrow. I hope that the authorization to buy the Flamingo DB's will not slow it down.
I will ship within a day or two of receiving them.

Production is typically 3 to 4 weeks.

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