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Nov 7, 2014
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Cold Northern England
or 'Help, my chips have been deported!'

Rather than clutter up Milo013's casino chip pron thread (as he has finally received his chips), I thought I would start a new one here.

I bought a rack of roulettes from the Chiproom Black Friday sale.

The following is from the USPS tracking info:

They were picked up from the Chiproom on 2 December for delivery to the UK. On 8 December, they arrived in London and I thought that they were taking their time clearing customs. From there, my chips seem to have gone on a Grand World Tour.......

On 16 December my chips arrived and departed Honolulu.......

On 18 December they departed from Tokyo (no mention of actually arriving in Tokyo)........

Any guesses where they will turn up next ..........and anyone think I'm actually going to receive these?

I would have started a competition to guess when I will receive these but I honestly don't think that there are going to be any winners here...:(
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There's still hope.

Recently I ordered some cards from a US website (I'm in the UK too). On 27 September they left Chicago and then turned up in Australia on 2 October. I thought there was no chance I'd ever receive them but by 15 October they arrived in the UK. Granted, once they were in the UK they didn't set off again for Asia.
Latest update:
18 December Package departed London Heathrow currently in transit to the destination

Now it just needs to clear that black hole called UK customs..........unless it fancies a little trip to Africa or South America..........:)
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Yeah, that's the problem buying chips with frequent flyer miles....
Wow, just wow. I had given up on ever receiving this package but delivery was attempted on Saturday 20 December (I was at work) and I collected the chippies from the Post Office yesterday. All safe and sound and well travelled!
Be sure to check that your chips visa stamps are all in order. you do NOT want any issue with non-EU compliant chips, now, do you?

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