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Sep 20, 2017
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Hello PCF Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Have you ever had a hard time making a decision whether or not you should call or fold? Are the people at the table getting angry at you for taking so long and you wish you had another minute of two to make a decision? Now you can with a TIME Button to throw out on the table which will give you and extra minute or two to throw your pair of 2's away while you know the guy who went All IN has Aces.

As you may have seen I have had a bunch of projects the last few months. One of my latest projects below which were these TIME Buttons. I had these made by @SUN-FLY Poker Chips on their Dog Tags. . I ran a group buy in October/November which is now closed. The colors we had made were Black, Blue, and Red. The faces say "TIME" on each side and the Rolling edges on each side say "GIMME A MINUTE". When I ordered the TIME Buttons I ordered 10 extra buttons of each Color knowing I would give some buttons away. As you may know I'm a kid of the 80's and a lot of my DB Projects are 80s themed. The title of this thread is from a Cyndi Lauper song "Time After Time". It was covered by many artists since she released it in the 80s. This Giveaway will be for 1 Winner for all 30 Time buttons(10 of each color). While I would like to give away the Buttons to more people I think 30 is best to go to one person who may host a MTT or a single game where he/she would like to give people multiple buttons. IMO I think these came out great.

Here are the Rules of entering the giveaway in this thread.
1. You must have 100 Plus Posts and at least 5 Feedbacks to enter. The ONE member I will give an exception to is @BruceWayne who only has 3 Feedbacks, but he has been a member since January of 2020 and has 413 posts and 1,197 reactions. He had PM'd me in November saying didn't know how he missed out and would be looking out for these on the classifieds. These I don't think will ever hit the Classifieds so I have decided to include him. As much as I love new chippers Buttons like these have never been produced on here before as far as I can tell and I would like these go to someone who has been on this site for a while. Sorry if you don't meet these requirements I will have to exclude you.

2. The Winner can be located here in the US or Internationally, but whoever wins will have to pay the shipping. In the US these can go in a Small Flat Rate Box( $9.20) as the weight of these will require a SFRB to be the most cost efficient. For International please keep in mind shipping will not be cheap. I sent an order to Canada in an International SFRB for 29.22 so other countries I'm sure will be more. Please be aware that the US Postal Service has suspended FLAT RATE BOX shipping to some countries like Australia and that using other services like UPS or FED-EX would just make it too expensive to ship and not worth it. The weight of these would not make it suitable to ship via Non International Flat Rate. So please be aware of the USPS and the regulations to your country. If I can't get the package to your country then the prize will be awarded to the next runner up. The one member who ordered in the Group Buy from Australia luckily he has a family member in the US that I was able to send the package to.

3. If you Participated in the OVAL TIME BUTTON GROUP buy you are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in this Giveaway. I would like these to go to someone who does not have these already.

4. Out of all the entries I will choose 4 people through a Randomizer and the top 4 people in the Randomizer will play a Seven Card Stud hand to see who can make the best 5 card hand to WIN the TIME Buttons.

5. I will keep the signups for this Open until January 1st, 2022 8PM EST. Then I will run the randomizer and and run the hands for giveaway sometime early in January 2022.

6. Getting Back to Cyndi Lauper whom I mentioned back in the beginning of this long post to enter this Giveaway you must post in your response "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" If you don't post at least that your post will not be considered an entry. You can post whatever else, but you must post the requirement to enter.

The Actual Time Buttons

This is just a picture for Size Reference to gauge the size of the TIME Buttons. From Left to right a 39MM Ceramic, 43MM Hybrid, 47MM Bounty Chip, 49MM Dealer Button, and a 60MM Dealer Button. Nothing in this picture is being given away.
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