Vendor Sale Tiger Palace 2024 Sale - VIP Cash 1 & 2, 43mm Secondary Tournament, 48mm FHC, Misc/Add-on chips (6 Viewers)

Anyone have a good rack option for those fat hats? :oops:
PM please :D
Justin's racks work very well & they fit 100. I'm gonna need another by the end of the week : )
All PM's/notifications have been sent...unfortunately some didn't get what they wanted...

Many of the orders have been dropped off at USPO, but tracking will likely start showing up tomorrow afternoon/night...
Pretty much all packages have been picked up by USPS and UPS … some trackings may not show up until tomorrow….a few packages have already been delivered.

Waiting for final payments from a few.
That tower's got me guessing: either they've got too much time on their hands, they're seeing the world through psychedelic lenses, or they're just flat-out poker chip prodigies. My money's on the latter!
Very late to this party. Was this a one time run or will there be more chips available? Asking for a "friend".

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