Thoughts and reflections on my 2-year anniversary here on PCF


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Dec 29, 2017
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Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), BC
It's been a blast! I never would have thought that joining one internet forum would have such an interesting and profound impact on my life and times, presenting me with a glimpse into an interesting new hobby full of interesting new friends and chipaholics. The generosity and support of too many a forum member to remember (some who do not post anymore and others who can't shut up to this very day) leaves me in awe and full of appreciation. I can't say that anything here is ever done inexpensively, nor without debate, but I'm astounded at the help I've received to achieve some very tangible goals, which include:

- acquiring a tournament set of CDI98 that was well put to use to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of a couple local home games
- meeting (and losing money to) a bunch of great people who host and participate in local games, both at home and public charity events
- acquiring a unique set of cash chips from a closed Montana card room that happens to have the same name as a prominent landmark where I grew up
- hunting and gathering for the PCF tribe that somehow allowed me to get to the 2nd highest feedback rating on the site (for the time being)
- raising money directly for charity, and to acquire the infrastructure to expand my ability to raise money for charity in the future (roulette is so much fun!)
- finishing off my BOLO project for my recent 50th birthday, with 50 barrels of live $1s from Las Vegas and 50 more barrels of live $1s from Nevada outside Las Vegas
- somehow acquiring an unplayed set of chips from a real casino boat that somehow failed to operate, and now slowly making their way into deserving chippers homes
- meeting with, greeting with, laughing with, arguing with, opining with, learning with, and spending tons of money with compatriots that I'm proud to call scrub donkeys

Chip on, brethren! Here's to more years of comedy and drama in our little chipping microverse!
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