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Nov 9, 2014
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No strategy here. Absolutely NOT a strategy discussion!

Tuesday night is mixed games night, played spread limit. Luck plays a significant role in how the night goes. Let's just say it up front, last Tuesday wasn't my night.

The hand that pains me the most:

We are playing Omaha High/low Hero gets dealt :as: :2h: :4s: :6c: and raises. The entire table calls.

Flop is :3d: :5s: :th: Hero has 16 outs to the nut straight and 20 outs to the nut low, twice. Woo hoo!!! Hero bets, three callers.

Turn is :kd: We might debate if this should be a second bet, but Hero doesn't pause. He bets and gets the same three callers.

River is :2d: Hero has the nut low and a six high straight. But there is a runner-runner flush on board. Still hero bets and gets two callers.

One villain tables :ah: :4h: :9d: :th: for half of the low. Thing is, villain didn't see his low, but called on the pair of tens for high.

The other villain tables :jd: :jc: :ks: :6d: for the back door flush. She at least knew about her flush.

Hero gets quartered but roughly breaks even for the hand. And more good news, Hero did catch one of the outs needed. I mean on a bad night Hero could have whiffed totally.

Still, this was one of those golden opportunity hands where Hero often rakes in $50 and instead is lucky to break even even after catching his monster draw.

This hand was one of the "high points" of the night. Mostly everything that could go wrong went wrong. Not saying Hero lost $100 playing low stakes low limit poker but it felt like he did.

And we call that fun? Yet I already am planning on the next game -=- DrStrange

PS is that sick or what?

PPS And don't hear this as a whine about villains getting lucky. God bless every one of them who don't ever fold. They have to win sometimes or they would quit playing. Just smile and say you got me this time, drat.


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May 20, 2019
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Still alive, regaining strenght, you seemed to be super looking forward to the game... lost less than $100 and had a fun time with friends after a long Hiatus from poker. We all run into coolers Scott, atleast it wasn't on a $500 plus pot!

You will get em next time brother!

Serious question.... did you break out the green jacket? I'm guessing not for a low stakes home game... but if it happens again you may have to break out the Lucky Green!!
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