Things That Are Bullsh*t (20 Viewers)

Guys who ask for the sharpest chip.
Bullshit. Offer extra money for the sharpes chip or you get what you get!
"I'll be sure and hand select the best chip I have just for you"

Fire Flashing GIF by Airspeeder
How could you tell? It looks like every Caribbean cruise beach stop I've ever been to. And as a Floridian cruiser, I've seen a lot of Caribbean beaches.
I spent a week there at the Hyatt Regency back in 04. Everything in the picture is exactly how I remember it.
I’d almost bet I even sat near or under the same Tiki shade/umbrella where that picture was taken.
Televised hand-for-hand play at the WSOP with like 1600 tables.

Do better, PokerGo. Pick up coverage of the bubble bursting then normal play resuming. You're already on a delay. FFS.

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