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Nov 14, 2020
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Chip Viewing should have music.... click on one of the 3 links to a music video then leave it running in another tab while you view the Pron,

everyone likes a little underground house Cella - Sloth (Official Video)
A Great Heist Rock Video.....
Original Sloth Band - The New Heartbreak Blues
Optional Music Tracks if you don't like the above (Pick One) (((yes some have the same name)))
- In case you like folk music The Sloth Song
- Some guy with a guitar The Sloth Song
- Mozah, Sloth Sloth
- Jazzy, Sloth The Sloth Song
- Geeky song, Sloth Song This guy actually recorded this
- (extremely vulgar inappropriate option you were warned do not click unless you are a member of The Sloth Club***) Song About Sloths

For my set I wanted an old time looking set that would very much fit in the old time underground club theme. For years the term used in my family for a night of drinking with friends, playing cards and wasting time etc... would be called joining or spending time at "The Sloth Club".... The term originated with my Aunt who has a cabin in Costa Rica and the cabin itself is "The Sloth Club" after my aunt frequently finds sloths in the cabin on their return there. They spend 6mo in Canada and 6 mo in Costa Rica....(long story on how they made their $ that is far too interesting to share online lol) anyway. Fast Forward....what would be the appropriate name for my card club well "The Sloth Club" of course. I did not want a fancy exotic label with colours etc....even though it was possible....I wanted a simple label like some of the old clubs.... attached below is one chip that was a bit of inspiration for my set. Other old chips I liked were the playboy club etc... all with simple level 1 edgespots and black and white labels. So I threw this design together myself and then with some help revised the design for a second custom order of cards mold chips. My CPC order is still pending, ordered in November last year and no date yet, I was told likely June at time of order but things could be pushed back due to Covid complications with production. Many people have much fancier designs etc but this is what I wanted for my sets. both are cash/tourney sets to cover both cash/tourney's out of the same sets without playing the same chip on either table. This avoids anyone trying to play a tourney chip as a cash chip and breaking your bank unscrupulously. My sets are large though and the Primary CPC set with work for a cash table of .25/,25 to 1/2NL and up to 4 tables for a tournament...with the Secondary Cards mold chips good for .05/.05 to 5/10NL and tournaments of up to 5 tables. This set could be played concurrently I suppose as well. I went with more exotic edgespots on my cards mold chips than I could afford on the Primary set of CPC's. Hopefully the combination works out well.

The sloth club has to have some key philosophies
- A sloth can always be at full speed
- Low is still a class
- everything is easy
- it must be easy
- fun must be had
- no fcuks are given
- everyone can join The Sloth Club

A few chip styles that gave me a bit of inspriation, old time underground, secretly I think it is near every chippers fantasy to have some twist of fate occur where they can set up and operate and underground room.....just in case I wanted to be ready lol....

So I like how the chips below are specific to the club but not tied to a particular location. Thus these chips are mobile and can be used wherever you go. Also they are not so connected to me with my name as to directly land me in jail like good old Harold....Who can't really deny the chips are his lol. The simple black and white background often used in order chips was also something I wanted to go with as well. Additionally given the theme of the set it could not be extravagant or have required a excessive amount of time spent on the design. I wanted to stick to traditional colours and edge spots without getting too extravagant and also budget friendly. With these principles in mind I created my first custom set of CPC's (currently pending production)........additionally the set spawned a secondary set as the opportunity for cards mold chips in a group buy.



Very Excited to receive the first pieces of my set (Thanks to ABC Gifts and Awards) some Dealer Buttons and a set if All-in chips. Primary (awaiting news on production) and Secondary chips (Somewhere in the Pacific).....There's lots of chips inbound (hopefully in the next few months will be seeing some of them as well. I like the idea of a simple label on an old school styled club chip.

This is a peak of course at the inlay design later used in the actual chips. The design is simple black and white.




Now the first and Premiere Set by Classic Poker Chips (currently pending production)
Primary CPC set on the horsehead mold. (here are the chip designer images)
CPC sloth chips without.png

Now I was inspired by all the Primary/Secondary nonsense of the HSI chipsets to design why not have Secondary chips as well. So I was able to resurrect an alternate edge-spot design I had for my sloth chips before doing the math on the edge spots.....So fortunately I was able to revive that edge design for a Cards Mold Secondary set inspired by the theme of the first set. The colours while different shades are the same base colours as the primary set so their is no confusion in denomination is ever theoretically they were played live at the same hosting (in my wildest dreams). The Sloth Club is now a possibility....or just in reality just an awesome house set that could even be parted out to family etc...

Secondary set (Cards Mold China Clays)

(Thanks Pinsol13 with the assist with adapting this design from a CPC mock up of the same and suggesting the black border on the inlay with Adobe Premier)

China Clay Sloth Club Secondary.png

In the stack below you will see 2 yellow chips...the $20 was originally yellow but in the sample it turned out as the same yellow as the $1000 chips so the $20 became grey as per the order with all the facing chips.
china sloth side stack.jpg

Enough for a couple of tables I think.


Secondary Set Pictures in the posts below.....Patiently awaiting the CPC primaries
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At the pace we play sometimes I swear it’s a bunch of sloths.
9 people, 20 min blinds, lucky to get an orbit.


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Nov 14, 2020
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The Cards Mold Chips Arrived.....

Its interesting this picture has more chips in it than the one below


The above picture is when I first unpacked the set, below is once I racked all the chips. It sure looks like there are more in this picture


Sadly two $1 chips did not make the trip from China to Canada Alive. One of the rolls (mid-roll?) had 2 chips broken at an edge. Guessing some kind of drop at some point in its travel, All of the other chips survived the journey. For the purpose of Science and the fact that I have not seen any other broken ones. Here is what's inside. I'm going to have to make due with only 598 $1's......I will attempt a repair with some adhesive.




Cash Set Portion







close up cash

Cash Set Of My Dreams and Tournament Set











close up



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Nov 1, 2014
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They call me the sloth...

Congrats on the sweet set!
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