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Apr 13, 2019
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Pontypridd: the birthplace of legendary Welsh singer, Tom Jones.

And, this October, the birthplace of a legendary meetup, too.

Riverside Poker Room presents...


Including myself, this will be a 14-person-max event — so room at the tables (planning on having two) for 13 more chippers. I've probably got space for about four people to stay at mine, but there are plenty of cheap hotels nearby for everyone else.

Thinking of a three / four-day event in October, although open to the dates for a long weekend based on what works best for others.

Regardless of the date, the Saturday morning and lunch will be spent in Cardiff, hopefully with a booking at the very best steak joint in town, Pasture:



If you're expecting any other excursions or activities, however, then this probably won't be the meetup for you, sorry; it's going to be solely about achieving maximum levels of chipping, poker, whisky, and cigar degeneracy!

Priority will be for all UK chippers + the European ones tagged below, followed by other European members — then Rest of World. Cardiff airport is about a 45-minute drive away, just as an FYI.

With that in mind, going to tag the following UK peeps to gauge interest:

@Marius L

Feel free to tag any other UK-based degens I might have forgotten!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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In if I can combine it with Philly meetup...

Thanks for the tag Sir :love:
Pending some personal endeavours, which are tricky to get dates for until closer to the time.....

IN! if you have room at yours even better! I'll dibs the beanbag :D
Dates are very much open to being moved, btw; only choosing September because that's generally the last of the British sunshine and heat, thus an excuse to be able to spend time in the garden.
Given the success of our first game at the weekend, I assume after the tourney one of the tables will be for all the degen mixed games? :D
Thanks for the invite Jack, I have a 2 week holiday booked in September but keep me posted on the planned dates, I hope I can attend this
Ok, let's move this to October or November, I think. September seems to be a bad month for most.
This looks awesome!

My wife and I have a baby on the way this summer - depends on the date you settle on, but I will probably have to count myself out realistically as a result sadly :/
A date for your diaries: Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd October.

Who can commit, provisionally?
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