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Nov 14, 2014
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Washington, DC
Got a set when BCC opened up the semi custom option. On the first offering one could chose almost all spot patterns but were limited in body colors (one blue choice, one red choice, one black, etc.) but all colors for spots. The basic art price was limited to 4 denoms. In any case I jumped on that. I had done some business with Jim at Nevada Jacks (don't know if he's here, hasn't posted on CT in well over a year) so asked him if I could use his Suits mold which was at BCC for his NJ and Martini Club sets. He graciously said yes as long as I didn't go blabbing about it. Since BCC is out business and I believe he sold NJ(?) or at the very least they're not making/selling clay chips anymore I feel ok putting photos up. I did put them on CT a while ago, but thought I might as well put them here.

Sometime after the initial order I wanted to add on but by that time the Suits was not available to me so I decided to make a "B" set that would be different but work with what I did have thus the flame mold variations for the $1, $5, and $25.

I really love this set, well at least the .25, $1, and $5. I was never completely happy with either $25. The first (Suit) mold version was supposed to be a 3DSA16 but BCC changed their Canary Yellow formulation before my job was done so the body is old Canary Yellow and the edge spot split color is the new Canary Yellow. It's ok, but not the effect I was going for. With the second (Flame) set I just picked not ideal spot color in that the two Dark Greens are two close together. Should have picked a completely random third color. Too late now.

Whenever BCC were wrapping things up Dave contacted me and asked if I wanted some of the leftovers from my last run at a discount (he had given me extras in the initial run). So I took those too. I think between both sets I have a little over 1100.

Holy FRAK! Awesome, never seen those before. Thanks for sharing the pics :)
How did I miss these? I grew up in DC and spent a boatload of time in and around the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood! A great set.

-side note; I'll be in town this weekend, thinking about going up to Maryland Live or Horseshoe...
Absolutely love the base/spot colors on the original 25c and $1 chips -- very unique, yet stunning. The suits mold totally rocks, shame we didn't get to see more chips produced on it.
That suits mold is awesome. Another reason to mourn BCC, unfortunately. Congrats on an awesome set!
That original $1 on the suits mold is out of control awesome. Just outstanding. I think you did a nice job on the secondaries across the board, too. :)
Are the suits mold chips beastly heavy? They look solid as hell.
Are the suits mold chips beastly heavy? They look solid as hell.

They don't seem to be so. They are slightly thicker than the Flame mold chips. The only other difference is the crosshatching on them is not as fine (in the technical not qualitative sense) as other chips.

Suits mold was always my favorite because, you know, suits = poker.
They don't look like they get enough time on the table:(

Players aren't actually allowed to touch these. They instruct a gloved servant to gently place all bets for them on the Chip Pillow©® in the vacuum chamber in the remote room they can view via video feed.

You wouldn't believe what I do with my really special sets.

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