The Official: Who's the $5 GOAT? ( Five, $5s, 5s, color, spots, design ) Pr0n (1 Viewer)

What's an approximate per chip price for both these? just trying to gauge the possibilities.
Ballys easier, Eagles better.

If it was my WTB ad, I'd start by offering $8 for Bally's and $13 for Golden Eagle. The latter will likely be much more difficult to unearth.
I second all of the above — although I think you'll have to end up paying way more per chip for the Golden Eagles.
I've always liked this edgespot design for a 5 as I don't recall seeing it too often, Also dig the silver color. Wish I was further along in my chip journey when these were sold by TheChipRoom.


  • Pointe After.png
    Pointe After.png
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Which elements make it great for you? A lot of folks love these chips and they're so different from the other submissions. Curious to see it from your perspective.
I love everything about it. From the oversized inlay, to the edge spots. It’s the only chip that my players have ever remarked on as being “cool”.

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