The Official ICON Ceramic Pr0n Thread


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Feb 9, 2016
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Not too many different ICON sets out there as far as I know, but I figured it couldn't hurt to start a pr0n thread and have a dialogue about them.

I recently purchased 2000 ICON tourney chips from @TheChipRoom and @Ricardo5920 and I am very impressed. I have a mix of casino used and excellent condition (hence some of the color variation in the pics), but I really like them. @Tommy already did a great write-up on these chips here.

With casino spot patterns and security features, definitely a solid option for 25-30 cents each. I would put them up against my entire chipco collection in terms of quality (despite any dirty stack issues with the T1K and T5K). I do prefer 43mm Sunfly hybrids to these casino ICONs (which are 40mm), but at nearly $1/chip after all fees/tariffs included, I do consider Sunfly hybrids to be a different price point. However, custom ICON hybrids and custom 43mm Sunfly hybrids are similarly priced (see emailed hybrid pricing below).

Purchasing: Aside from the Kash Casino horde from @TheChipRoom (which Jim does still have in stock, so hit him up), you can buy these custom from a reseller or direct from ICON (PM me for contact info). Shitty thing is that home market spot pattern options are lame, and it did prevent me from moving forward with a custom purchase. They do offer hybrids as well based on the materials I received, but with the spot limitations noted.

Anyway, please feel free to post pr0n, ask questions, share tips, or post ICON mocks.

60-player T10K tourney set (8/8/4/7)

500 x T25
500 x T100
300 x T500
500 x T1000
200 x T5000

Total = 2000


Screenshot_20200530-224719_Yahoo Mail.jpg

Screenshot_20200530-225124_Yahoo Mail.jpg
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Jan 2, 2020
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CPC is one of the authorized resellers, I would think they have full printability.
Edit: CPC also resells Sun-Fly chips, and I don’t think they offer customization on ICON chips sadly.
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