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Aug 4, 2015
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I'd like to announce that in addition to the above, you can officially add Platinum Sponsor when referring to @detroitdad

He wanted to send me a dinosaur, but instead earned the prestige and honor by becoming a Platinum Sponsor!!

This is the thread to offer up celebration and accolades to PCF's own - @detroitdad

Cheers Bill! I appreciate you.
I will not partake in blatantly drunken tributes to @detroitdad

As I am not drunk.

Bills always a platinum sponsor in my books.
After you pop a couple of oxy, want to play some poker tonight lol
haha. I'm down to one tablet right before bed, and I took one the other day a few hours after PT. The pain is getting better everyday, so it's just a matter of sleeping without meds.
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Wait. A dinosaur?

Does @detroitdad have access to a dinosaur? Was a rhino or gator discussed first before elevating it to a dinosaur?

This thread creates more questions than answers.
That’s cute, but I am working towards Vibranium level sponsor.

I was a Uranium level sponsor at K9’s (just blowing stuff up like my bankroll).

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