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Nov 4, 2014
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I've been batting around the idea of a few "final" add-ons to my Lounge set for some time now. I went as far as placing part of the expansion order just before the Red Tide swept in and washed them away (I feared, for good). Thanks to the rescued and revamped CPC, I was able to put these back into my personal queue. Now that the blazing heat of the Arizona desert has departed for the season (and I have financially recovered from a couple of car-related issues) I'm ready to push the button.

The old-timers will recall this set. It was my first custom set (from back in 2007) and will always hold a special place in my heart. What I'm adding onto is the cash half of the set. The tournament set is finished and I don't see a reason to mess around with that.

The lineup seen here in mock-up form is the full set (when finished).

The top row are the finished and already in use quarter, $1 and $5. There is also the 5th anniversary commemorative $5 chip that is on the list for the order. I've had that mocked up several times in different forms. I like this version as it is close to the original. I hope it will be noticeable in a splashed pot but not obnoxiously so.

The bottom row are the new chips. The charcoal $20 has already been made and in my hands. I'm OK with it, but I had hoped the contrast on the spots would have been higher, hence the desire for a new one. I'm taking advantage of the new blurple for one of the spots here. The charcoal 100 was one of the chips ordered but never received, so that has to be done. *

I figured I could use the already made $20 as a secondary chip or even a buy-in chip for tournaments with the other half of the set. I figured I'd need an appropriate secondary $100 to go with it, so that makes the last in the row. The $20 secondary is somewhat low contrast with the spots and decided I'd go the same way with the secondary $100. **

I want to do a test print or two of the commemorative 5 and the new 20, but am rather happy with the lineup here. Any thoughts or comments from the peanut gallery?

Colors and spots for those who care:
25c - Lt. Green/Purple 1/2 pie
$1 - Blue 214 White
$5 - Mandarin Red 314 Black
$20 P - Canary Yellow 4A14 Blurple/Lavender
$100 P - Charcoal 6A14 Light Blue/Canary Yellow
$20 S - Charcoal 4A14 Butterscotch/Light Chocolate
$100 S - White 3DSA316 Imperial Blue/Yellow

* I have always loved this chip and was crushed when it didn't happen before. I have absolutely no need for it, but I have considered getting more than I need for the cash set made so they can serve as secondary chips for the tournament set. I'll think about that.

** On the subject of the tournament set, the colors and the inlay here are the same as the tournament 100 with the base here being white rather than black. The primary cash 100 mock up uses essentially the same colors as the tourney 100 but with lighter pastel variations.


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