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Mar 26, 2013
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The Key West now has a forum

New forum now open at the Key West Resort & Casino

Effective today (Sunday, August 18, 2013), the Key West Resort & Casino is launching a live forum. Everyone here at Poker Chip Forum is invited to add us to the sites you visit, after the Poker Chip Forum, of course!

The "official launch time" is slated for 8 a.m. EST. The forum was open briefly yesterday and last night for testing with some known Key Club members posting to make sure everything worked well.

Using the Key West Forum

When you visit the Key West Resort & Casino, click "Forum" in the navigation bar. Your "front page" will open in a new window. This is where you register or sign in. (It's free.)

Click "Board Index" to see the categories and threads.

All are welcome. You don't have to own Key West chips to join in the discussions. I hope everyone who enjoys the best in casino chips and playing cards will add their voice to the forum.

And to make things interesting, our monthly "Post and Win" contest now includes all posts in the forum. Each month, a random post is selected to win a gift card or cash.

So enjoy the great content of the Poker Chip Forum, and don't forget to stop in to the Key West to see what people are talking about there, too!
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Congrats on the new forum! I'll have to swing over there and check it out :)
Congrats on the new forum! I'll have to swing over there and check it out :)

Thank you. If possible, I'm consciously trying to avoid any conflicts with this site (or others), but still provide a place where people can stop by, read or comment.

And I will still be checking in here every day -- and probably more often -- at least until they develop a 12-step program for chip addiction.

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