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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
The Key West's new
Blackjack Table Build
Subtitle: My wife is going to kill me now.

The photos:


The new Key West blackjack table from Nationwide Gaming Supply. (The locking chip rack and drop box are on their way.)


The layout, the vinyl rail color, the natural wood color and a closeup of one of the betting circles


The story:

In early February of this year, I contacted Nationwide Gaming Supply (aka Pharaoh Poker Tables) of Glendale, California, about doing a professional blackjack table build.

I spoke with Vaughn Cohen, their VP of sales, and talked about creating a real table for this "fantasy" casino called the Key West. I told him that, like everything else, the table should look and feel like it came from a real casino. That meant high quality and good materials, a beautiful layout, and all the real accessories -- locking chip tray, locking steel drop box and paddle.

He totally got it and was in on the idea from the start. I got on their production list and a few weeks later, their layout artist, Matt, was sending ideas for the layout color and design. They locked in on the Key West's signature Coronet font, and even found a great palm tree betting circle design.

This was not the layout color I originally envisioned for the table, but the deep burgundy and gold just looked so amazing, I had to go with it.

The table was finished and shipped on Thursday, March 5, 2015. It fell into shipping limbo -- oddly along with several other packages that were all pending for weeks -- and arrived today -- March 20. UPS is still juggling the box containing the accessories -- a locking drop box and a locking chip rack. They're expected tonight, but it's snowing in the Northeast and I'm not holding my breath.

Initial impressions:

First, the weight. This sucker is heavy. It feels like it weighs over 150 pounds. I asked if one person could set it up. They said it was possible. They didn't say it was easy.

Size: It's slightly smaller than a full-full size blackjack table in a casino, but only by about 6 inches across the back. This one is 74 inches across the back, and about 44" from the rear edge to the edge of the rail at the center.

Height: It's available in bar stool height and chair height. I got the chair height legs.

The layout -- really, really nice. The color they selected is rich and elegant, and it looks like a high-roller table from Paris, Las Vegas. The gold lettering and betting circles look great.

Workmanship -- Amazing work. The wood is thick, heavy and very sturdy. The layout is deeper and richer than the photos can show. (Much has to do with lighting.) The rail is flawless, and they even put a nice vinyl edge along the rear of the table. The table is cut and routed for the locking chip tray and locking drop box. The drop box slot and slot cover is ready to go, and everything was test-fitted during production.

Origin -- made in Glendale, California, USA.

Overall, I'm thrilled with the new table.

My wife, however, is sure to react in just about the same way as Melinda Dillon's character in "A Christmas Story" when Darren McGaven pulled out the leg lamp.
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nice, looks great, post pics of your wife killing you too
Looks awesome! What time should PCF's start showing up for the grand opening of the casino ;)
Looks awesome! What time should PCF's start showing up for the grand opening of the casino ;)

I'm going to say, "Someday."

My wife, in fact, did not kill me. (Something about being worth more alive for now.)

She actually liked the table and was impressed at the quality and the appearance. We're looking forward to hosting a poker and blackjack party for her coworkers when the weather is better.
looks great! and, hey... it's smaller than a craps table.

-gc :)
That felt looks amazing. Whole table is great. Nice add on to the key west casino :)

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