The Kansas City Straddle – July 14-17, 2022


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Apr 21, 2020
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Kansas City metro
Straddle: “To be on both sides of; extend over or across.”

With the definition in mind, "The Kansas City Straddle" provides a perfect meet-up name when considering Missouri and Kansas border the metro area (also has a little poker connotation).

A get together is scheduled for July 14-17, 2022, on the Missouri side of KC, with valuable input from local PCFers @DoubleEagle, @bsdunbar1, @RowdyRawhide, who suggested the meet-up name, @Chester Copperpot and @MIZ.

This is what we have in mind:
  • WHO: PCFers (shooting for the stars here with a goal of up to 32-36 PCFers maximum to fill four tables for the event. Can fill seats with locals as necessary/needed, but PCFers have priority, of course!).
  • WHAT: A social gathering of chippers for camaraderie.
  • WHEN: July 14-17, 2022.
  • WHERE: Kansas City metro.
  • WHY: Because there hasn’t been a meet-up in this area, per DoubleEagle’s, bsdunbar1’s and RowdyRawhide’s recollections. It’s time.

What's changed from original post: We scrapped the planned spot on the Kansas side and moved to the Missouri side for the social gathering.

An ideal meet-up space is secured. Details will be sent directly to the confirmed attendees.

For accommodations, I met with the owner of an establishment in close proximity to the meet-up location and blocked off nine room reservations. [UPDATE: Eight rooms are accounted for, leaving one available.]

Don't worry, though. There are numerous hotels in the immediate area of the meet-up location, including a Marriott, Fairfield Inn & Suites, TownPlace Suites, Springhill Suites, Comfort Inn, H2 Home and Best Western, among many others, for overflow.

For folks flying in, the Kansas City international airport is approximately 20-25 minutes from the hotels.


We’ll supply chips, which includes bsdunbar1’s and DoubleEagle’s tourney sets, but attendees are certainly welcome to bring a set to put in play. I also plan on having meet-up swag bags for attendees to take home.

We'll have separate tables off to the side against the walls for show-and-tell for anyone wanting to bring in a set.

THE GAMES (daily schedule TBD/TBA)
  • Social games
  • Main Event
My vision is an all-day Main Event on Saturday. The final table, dubbed The July Nine, will play on my Chanman table, which will be put in use on the day of the ME.


Don't think of the area as flyover country! There's plenty to do, including family-friendly getaways, for anyone wanting a break from poker-related events, such as:
  • KC metro: Plaza area, where you’ll find famous fountains along with numerous shopping and eating spots, including Jack Stack barbecue restaurant; Worlds of Fun amusement park; Midtown-Westport area of KC (restaurants like Q39 barbecue, diners, bars galore and my go-to karaoke spot Off-Key), Power & Light District (dining, and more bars!), Zona Rosa shopping area; The Legends Outlet on the Kansas side of KC houses Hollywood Casino, the Kansas Speedway, Sporting KC’s soccer stadium, large shopping outlet, restaurants, bars, , etc., and so much more.
  • Local casinos: Harrah’s KC, Hollywood Casino, Argosy, Ameristar.
  • I can take interested people on post for a guided tour of nearby historic Fort Leavenworth, the oldest active Army installation (founded 1827).
  • If we’re lucky depending on schedule, feel free to take in either a Royals game for the pro baseball fans or Sporting KC match for the pro soccer fans. If we’re luckier on the schedule, both teams will be in town on weekend of proposed meet-up. It’s all about having options for the sports fans.

Everything appears fluid these days, of course, but it's reasonable to think we should be good to go by July 2022 to at least take steps and plan this venture.

More details, including full schedule and sequence of events, to follow at a later time with attendees.

In the meantime, I believe there’s been some level of interest from folks in close proximity to Kansas City, such as @DMack, @tdccarpenter, @chkmte and @jja412 (tagging to let you all know the planning is indeed going forward). What about others near KC and around the country interested in visiting/participating?

Please chime in you're in interested in attending and indicate if you want one of the nine rooms. I’ll keep a running tally below in this post.



1. @bsdunbar1 and hotel room
2. @DoubleEagle
3. @RowdyRawhide
4. @Chester Copperpot
5. @MIZ
6. Me
7. @chkmte
8. @Justin Olson and hotel room
9. @colter ripton and hotel room
10. @T_Chan and hotel room (depending on schedule)
11. @Grandmasturkey
12. @sugarcane
13. @tdccarpenter
14. @inca911 and hotel room
15. @suited67 and hotel room
16. @k9dr (sharing room with inca)
17-18. @Poker Zombie and @Mrs Poker Zombie (in at 80 percent)
19-20. @FordPickup92 and @Ben8257, and hotel room
21. @Lil Tuna (depending on schedule)
22. @Pawn38
23. @TheDonkeyKong
24-25. @BEANO52, plus wife and hotel room
26. @Joe Harris


1. @jja412
2. @CraigT78
3. @moose
4. @Silver_Fiend
5. @Marhault
6. @Beakertwang
7. @shorticus
8. @Seeking Alpha Social Club (depending on WSOP ME)
9. @abby99 and hotel room
10. @pokerplayingpisces and hotel room
11. @justsomedude
12. @toothpic
13. @Natskule
14. @Wheeler Assembly
15. @DavinciFox
16. @Schmendr1ck
17. @detroitdad
18 @Himewad
19. @TX_Golf_N_Poker "very interested"
20-21. @ekricket and @travelgirl
22. @Dan2330
23. @BamaT8ter
24. @Kingpin804
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Dec 1, 2020
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Put me on the interested list! I'd love to join, I just cant say anything 100% that far in advance.


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Apr 21, 2020
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Kansas City metro
Just re read your post, I would imagine Ben and I would lodge at one of the hotels, unless we can get @Lil Tuna and or @Seeking Alpha Social Club or a few of our other friends to share a house/air bnb together.
Sounds good! I'll mark you two down for a hotel in the interest portion barring an AirBnB when the time comes.

... the dumplings at “Blue Koi” are the BOMB! If I can swing a quick visit, I’ll try to make it out.
Lots of changes possibly happening for me as the year progresses, would love to make an appearance if it’s possible. :tup:
If I can I will.
Sweet! I'll put you down as interested. Thanks, and you're dead on about the Blue Koi at either location in the greater KC metro!

Q39 and Minsky's are always on my list for KC!
Spoken like a man who knows his KC food! Minsky's Pizza is phenomenal. As for barbecue, can't go wrong with Q39 or Jack Stack or Joe's Kansas City or Arthur Bryants or Gates or Zarda's, the list goes on and on. Zarda's is my go-to barbecue spot.
Aug 4, 2015
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Fredericksburg, VA
Just re read your post, I would imagine Ben and I would lodge at one of the hotels, unless we can get @Lil Tuna and or @Seeking Alpha Social Club or a few of our other friends to share a house/air bnb together.
Would love to, but will have to see what happens with the WSOP Main Event before I can commit. We send 1 player every year and it usually starts July 4th week or the week after.
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