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Jan 11, 2016
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Concord, CA
I’ve attained all of the chips for my full relabel custom Paulson set. I love the colors and 1/8” progression, the theme/inlay is up for some finessing still. We just bought a house on Hickory Drive that will have it’s own dedicated poker room in the Bicycle Shack (finished outbuilding).

Mostly at this point trying to nail my $100, originally acquired the 43mm BTP T100s, but it’s a lot of arc yellow next to the $20 (obv no dirty stack with size difference, but still). Was lucky enough to pickup two barrels of ES $100s which I think are the ideal chip progression wise and I really love them. Debating whether it’s too much arc next to the $20 as well though. It’s rare we get $100s in play, if we do it’s 4-5 on the table, so dirty stacks aren’t really gonna be an issue. As far as I know there are no other black 8d18 THC chips






Inlay in the works
I know this sounds kinda dumb, but I will say with that inlay, the decimal point may be hard to read. Have you considered just saying "50c" instead? This is merely a suggestion, the chip set looks pretty cool =)

Have to agree with this, also something just doesn’t look right about “$.50” ... seems like “50¢” is more natural

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