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Zombie Trip Report, Day 1

Started the day healthy. Mrs Zombie tried out the exercise room and powered her way through a Peloton. Although she bikes daily, this was her first go on a Peloton. The instructor told her "the seat may feel uncomfortable". I couldn't help but wonder how "uncomfortable" it must be to recall 2 million bikes. Peloton recalls 2 million bikes for bike seat issues. She had no problem on her workout, and the healthy portion of our day came safely to a close.

Before I get into breakfast I just wanted to point out the hat hooks in the bathroom that I mentioned on Day 0. Too low to the ground to hang a towel (plus there is a towel rack), the only real purpose of these is if you have 3 people that all wear hats who want to take a shower at the same time.

Yes, that's a safe next to the toilet paper. #Lessons learned during COVID

The Catbird hotel offers a "free" breakfast. You pay for the drinks, but the entrée is free. Kind of a weird discount - pay for coffee, but the Shashuka and the Banana Bread Pudding French Toast were free.

I've eaten at a lot of hotel breakfasts, and this may be the best one I've ever had outside of Las Vegas. Certainly the best one I've ever had for $6 (including the fresh squeezed Juice).

After brekkie, we hung out for a little while. The RiNo district is undergoing a ton of revitalization. According the the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, in 2020 Denver ranked #2 in the nation for gentrification (yep, you come for the poker pics, and you get information that even I wonder why I know it). They are making a big push for #1, which makes for some fascinating viewing if you are into big, big toys.

I assure you, this is more interesting than watching the Rockies get smeared.

We go up to the rooftop of the hotel for some Cornhole. We would have also gotten drinks but the bar was closed. OK, maybe I don't need a martini before noon, but cornhole without a beer is somehow a violation of the only reason to play cornhole.

Not to be bested by @Lil Tuna 's fauna shots, I present you with some of the hotel art on the roof.

I don't know what to say about butt mushrooms... or framed AstroTurf.

This rolled us close enough for lunch so we took a 1.5 mile walk for lunch. The walk took us past an animal hospital. I mean, I know dogs get hit by cars and need care. But isn't this name a little too on-the-nose?

Lunch is across the street from Coors Field (home of the Rockies baseball team). The Cherry Cricket is a burger joint that has been in business for 77 years. Their burger options cover pretty much anything you might want.

It was a very good burger, but the fries were just average, so it receives the rating of "Zombie Approved" but not the coveted "Zombie Recommendation".

We stroll back to the room, and take a nap. A 3 mile walk (with a stop for 2 beers, a burger and fries in the middle) is too much healthy for a meetup and I need to sleep it off. When we wake, we watch the Colorado storms roll in...

Our plan is to walk to the Meet-up, but we will have concerns about this.

Our first break of the evening: @nitzilla opens the doors an hour early and needs help with the set-up. We are happy to oblige and hoof it over (0.7 miles), arriving just as the rain begins to fall.

The Studio is a little smaller that it was the last time I was here. The landlord has added cabinets, a couch, and a large rolling counter. You might think you see a pattern that fits 3 tables, but we tried that and you would be wrong. Hopefully all that walking has thinned me out a little.

After this photo we decided that 6 was enough and started playing cards.

Unofficial start time 4:26 pm:

@markleteenie 's mixed THC set was spectacular.

I did not remember photos (Mrs Zombie handles most the photo duties) but I was in for $200, out for $230, and a @DeusEx pot splasher, which was better than the +$30.

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