Cancelled THC Project Disassembly: Black solids, Rio $1's, AS Snappers, CC $1's (2 Viewers)

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Feb 5, 2017
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Hi all,

I've made the tough decision to prioritize a different project over this one. And so I'm releasing these chips into the wild. If you make the shipping easy on me and pick up the entire set, you'll get a bit of a discount over the split pricing and I'll cover the US shipping. I'll hold out for selling them as a set until all (or most) are claimed in a split.

2020-05-24 11.19.14-1.jpg

2020-05-24 11.15.14-1.jpg

Black solids x 120 - $120. Excellent condition heavyweights ready to be milled.
Rio $1's x 200 - $225/rack. Very good casino used condition. As you can see, the inlays have been removed and they have been magic eraser'ed to get em bright white.
Aurora Star Snappers x 160 - $400. Near mint. Unplayed to my knowledge. Inlays removed. If all aren't claimed, dibs for rack to @nezara
Circus Circus $1's x 20 - $60. Excellent condition, inlays removed. They may have seen some casino time but they don't show it. Dibs to @dr-octopuss. Backup to @Teach42

$1000 PPFF for all shipped to the US. Split pricing does not include shipping.
More pics available on request.
Post dibs here.

Thanks for looking!
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Had a PM question about the black solids. They are three different stamps: about a 50/50 rack split between the different monogram initials and a barrel of the '19'.
2020-05-24 12.23.22.jpg
are the AS FRAC inlays 1 1/16 wide? If so I would be interested in them if there is a split.
are the AS FRAC inlays 1 1/16 wide? If so I would be interested in them if there is a split.
Nope - I think the AS snapper inlays are more in the 'THC standard' 7/8"ish range.

Edit: My calipers measure it at .86"
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OK... obviously I was just being lazy in trying to sell these all together. I'll pull this ad and repost the chips separately.

Circus Circus $1's pending to @dr-octopuss and I'll transfer @navels rack of snapper dibs to the repost.

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