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Apr 30, 2020
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I am new in the poker chip world so I need some help to determine what would be the value of THC Fun Nite Paulson Poker Chips.

I have the opportunity to buy a 500 chips set but I don't know what would be the right price. The breakdown is a little bit 'funky' in my opinion: 50 - 50 - 50 -150 -150 - 50

Thank you!

ok let's say fairly good... I don't know how to properly define the condition...
It does depend on condition and color. That said, most of them will fall between 50 cents and a buck a chip.
I’ve purchased around 1200 fun nites and $1/chip is right on - until you get to the $1000’s and $5000’s. They are pretty much impossible to find and if you do I’ve seen the $1k go for around $5/ea. and the $5k for $10/ea. All of my chips are slightly used but in great condition so uncirculated may cost you a little more.
Some of the rare colors might be more like the blue T1, pink T5 and the yellow T20s. PM me if you ever find those colors please.

And sharp, nicer condition chips will always command a premium.
Thank you! I gave up on the opportunity the owner wanted 1.50 USD /chip. colors were red, white, purple, brown and green.
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I think those Chocolate $100’s are pretty rare but I could be wrong. I have about 5 of them but I’ve never seen them for sale other than the few I picked up.
I've never seen the brown before. Pretty cool. Just don't think I'd pay $1.50 each though. You can get an inlaid set for that.

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