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Feb 9, 2016
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Collegeville, PA
Just wanted to share a quick bit of gratitude to @Potsie1 for one of the most genuine acts of kindness I've experienced on PCF.

Several years ago, Jim kindly let me join him on a journey to acquire River Casino chips. The full story can be found below.

Being the only other person besides Jim who owns these chips (edit: in bulk), he agreed to allow me to purchase more of these chips to round off my set. Only problem is that he never accepted payment for them. He gave me 700 chips for free and even offered to pay shipping.

Thank you Jim for your generosity. It is truly appreciated. You make PCF better simply by being a part of the community.

P. S. I'm sure you made @sir bluffs alot happy because this is his lucky set that he wins big on.

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