TFB's Mixed Cash Set; A Chronicle (3 Viewers)

May 12, 2015
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Ft Worth, TX
I'm in the process of putting together my first Paulson set, which will be a mixed cash set. Currently using 600ish dice chips for my biweekly home game. What started as a quest for China Clays meandered into research on custom China Clays and ultimately is ending in the pricey endeavor of a Paulson set.

My set will be small potatoes compared to most on here, but I figured it would be fun to do a mini report as it comes together and contribute to the pron on here I have grown to love.


The first soldiers have arrived. These will either be relabeled as $20s or .25c; still haven't made up my mind on that one.

More updates to come.
my vote is for 25 cents as they are nice looking chips and will see more action as quarters (unless you play high stakes cash games) :)
The UB's were some pretty nice chips and should make a fine start! Keep the pics/progress report comin'. Enjoy!

(The edges on these are much sharper than they appear due to my sloppy stack job)

The workhorses have arrived!

Fell in love with the Oaks over time; especially once I decided to go with a mixed set (not crazy about the Oak 5's or 25's). I love that they appease both the blue and white chip as 1's purists. I love how great of a condition they're in. I love how the oak tree looks just like my two giant oaks out front at my house. These chips pop in person; couldn't be happier with my decision.

As far as the UBT and the Oak Tree together, I'm on the fence. If the UBT are relabeled as quarters for this set, I think I'll want to go with a white label. The more I look at it, I think something like a starbust or muted solid might compliment the Oaks better as opposed to overpower them.

Now to get a rack of 5's, probably another rack or two of Oak 1's, make a decision regarding the quarters/UBT situation, and finalize the set with a $20 chip.

Have a game set up for tomorrow night; going to get these puppies in play with the UBT as quarters and see how it goes. Will have to use my dice chips for redbirds; blasphemous, I know.
Maybe you can get some modified oak tree quarters labels to put on the ubts
Maybe you can get some modified oak tree quarters labels to put on the ubts

Yeah I was thinking that. At that point I'd almost feel like the whole set would need to be Oak Tree.

The more I look around, I really like a pink/ orange/ purple quarter. If I had to put money on it, I'll end up trying to trade the green UBT for a rack of black UBT to relabel as 20s.

Really want to get some Terrible's for my $5.

New chips brought some serious run goot. Cashed out around 530 BB.

Those dice 5's are KILLING me now. Gonna have to change that asap.

The UBT 25s as quarters went over well. Might stick with it.
Great to hear they ran good for you. Very nice stack sir! Chips look good. An oak tree re-label on those 25's would be would be the nuts. I agree that those dice chips need to go :).
Rack of 5's incoming via FeeBay...

Nothing very valuable or sought after, but I searched and these don't seem to pop up too often so at least they'll be unique.

Hint; Red Pink and Grey.

Think theyre going to contrast great with the Oak Trees.
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5's came in... went with the Chips Casino Bremerton.


They're a bit more rounded than I was expecting, but @ $65 for the rack Ill take it. Above was pre cleaning, just wanted a quick view of how they look together.


About 75% of them had this weird gunk on one side. Always two circles directly across from each other. It's almost like someone tried to glue them all together and the glue corroded.


Nothing some warm water and a magic eraser can't fix.

Tomorrow they get oiled and Friday they hit the felt.
The chips I got had the same casino funk.

What's your plan for your next denom? Post some live stacks of your next game :).
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Yeah def want to do a $20 chip. Either black or yellow. Any ideas?

Also want to relabel the UBs as quarters. Havent decided what I want to do there.
Yeah def want to do a $20 chip. Either black or yellow. Any ideas?

Also want to relabel the UBs as quarters. Havent decided what I want to do there.
Gear can hook you up. He made a beautiful cp frac label but I couldn't pull the trigger because the chips I wanted haven't been available...

I plan on talking to him about making thc custom labels to go with my table.
Yeah, I've been in talks with him. Just need to decide which route to take.

The UB inlay is just too dark to be paired with the light inlays of the other two. The CP label would have some brighter colors mixed in with the dark background so it might work.

Then I would probably go with a Terrible's label on the 20. Just have always liked that inlay.
Black chips will be much easier to find than yellow ones, as many RHC $100 chips exist in quantity (vs yellows, at least). By default, almost any $100 chip is going to be a lot more expensive than $1, $5, or $25 casino chips. Double Down Saloon would be a great $20 chip, and generally is in great condition (for when you eventually want to upgrade all of your chips to near-mint).

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