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My first full custom Set, thanks to @Gear and @Wifey :



Amazing. Dibs.

Can we see in a splash pot with the CDI $1s? Gotta look killer!
Was just telling @Irish yesterday that I need to clean the literal dust off of my table that's accumulated since it was last used in July before I take pron photos. In due time!
Not only did I buy these chips from @Gear but I was also able to get him to mill & label them with one of my favorite symbols of all time. They came out FANTASTIC!!!


When in Rome I might as well grab some labels too:

Thanks Chris & @Wifey for my "custom" Shufflerack. I love it & I hope my players know how spoiled they are.
***BONUS points to anyone who actually knows what this symbol is***
After hours of murdering i´m done ;) perfect work from @Gear and @Wifey . Everybody who wants to relabel RHC with a shiny original inlay should consider to take the thick/glossy laminate after getting samples. it fills the recess more and looks pretty good. Will use this, when ordering an Add on, thanks for the fast samples.



and the future champs of my tournaments will receive a new goodie


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