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Some things are worth the wait!
Did the inlay removal myself…not fun, and thankfully I’m done. These Gear Labels make it all worthwhile.
A looooooot of communication back and forth with @Wifey just to make sure everything is perfect. Already looking forward to my next project with @Gear labels!
Nice choice for the $5!
I f-ing love that $5!!! Can we curse on here? Funny story, I couldn’t find any loose Paris $5s at the time. So I went looking for an alternative. And found that RPC $5.
Another label set mostly complete thanks to @Gear and @Wifey

Relabeled fracs, relabeled 1s and the original 5s. Now to determine if the LCO or PBCL fit better as the 25 and contemplate their future. For the 100s I really like these gray Casablanca 100s.





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Can’t give @Gear and @Wifey enough credit for the work they do. They are super busy and probably have huge orders to fulfill all the time. It’s great that they still have time for the small orders. They even requested samples of my chips to make sure the color match was perfect. 100% professional in product, communication and timely delivery.
Great service, great product. I'm really happy to get fracs for my main mixed-Horseshoe set and for my Majestic Casino road sets.





Idea/suggestion: Would it be possible to sell sample sheets which show a solid circle or square for each of Gear’s in-house approximations of the standard Paulson colors (I believe there are 88 or 89), printed on the various stocks available? This is something I would pay good money for and would find useful in planning label projects.

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