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Dec 9, 2014
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I've only got a couple weeks left before my repat vacation is over then it is back to the sand pit. I'm still looking for a few things. Any quantity of the chips listed below.

Terrible's St Joe Primary 5s
Terrible's St Joe Secondary 100s
Terrible's Mark Twain secondary - everything

Hoping my chip karma will result in some progress!

I still have some chips to trade as well
Hey Mike! Man, time flies by huh? Only two weeks left?

Okay, I have 240 of the St. Jo's Primary $5s... They are not mint as I believe only a few racks of minty $5s were available... @Tommy and someone else I can't remember have those... However, I do have the next best thing I believe... Jim had a few racks which were hand picked and I got those... They are used of course but in better shape than the average used you find around (I know you wouldn't care much if they were well used though)... Anyways, hit me up if you want...

Oh, they are all regular chips... I have 10 more which are commemorative if you want, for a 250 total... I'll send you picks if you want...

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I have an extra rack of mint STJ primary 5s (i think we've used some of them twice) that I would be willing to trade for a rack of mint MT primary .50s.

primary chips have the white label, right?
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