SOLD Terribles St Jo set 600+ chips (for sale or trade) (1 Viewer)

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Mar 27, 2014
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Terrible's set in perfect condition for sale. Baught new by me, used in 5 homegames. Like new, none of my players shuffles.
1000$ not including pictured cards, fees and shipping from Norway.

Might be interested in trading for another clay set. Will probably only break up the set for trading in some Terrible's Lagrange secondaries I'm looking for.

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That is pretty much my dream set right there. I love the secondary Terrible's St Jo 5's. Good luck with your sale!
If I wasn't selling my house and building a new one I'd totally be all over this but I'm trying to watch my spending right now :/ #firstworldgrownupproblems lol
Bit out of the price range for a set I'm putting together, but very nice looking set!
Or if it sits there unsold for too long, he'll take the whole damn thing. Tommy and MrCheese got nothing on slisk250 when it comes to Terribles addiction... between the three of them, I'm surprised anybody else still has a set. :)
Pending price I might be willing to take the .50's for sure and possibly the 1's if slisk takes everything else.
Mr Cheese, I guess it would be $450 for the low part and $550 for the high part. Or you and Slisk could negotiate how to split it. You would probably want me to send the whole set to one of you and then have that person re-ship inside the US to save on shipping.
In case the $.50 remain orphans. (Very unlikely that it happens, but one never knows). I would like to take them to my home.
Ugh I really am tempted but 450 is probably a little out of my price range (its a fair price but I really shouldn't be spending that much). Sounds like Whitewolf777 wants the .50's so you just need the 1's accounted for. GLWS
Do it! We'll welcome you back into the club!

If I wasn't being all responsible and trying to curb my spending for the new house I would. For now I think I'm stuck with just what I have in my Terrible's displays :(
Level 1 of 3 the Terrible's display:

/Thread jack lol
I'm in for the top at $550 5s, 25s, 100s, 500s, db. If France (white & DC) wants the low end then its a split I guess. I'd need to know what it costs to zip code 85201
Shipping prices:

First column: weight (kg), second: price europe (Nok), third: price world (Nok).

Exchange rate: 1usd=8,15nok
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