Not Mine Terrible's St Jo 50 cents - Way Over Priced? (1 Viewer)


Royal Flush
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Mar 23, 2013
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I came across this today...

In the last 3 months I bought multiple Mint/Un-Circulated racks from Jim for $59.99 ea.
Did these skyrocket in value in just 30-60 days? :confused:
No its because of the seller(banned from another chip forum) He has a track record to over price his auctions by tons and pray on people that don't know any better. If they stay at that price to long he will relist them at the more realistic price point. He would buy them cheap off Jim at the chiproom when he gives ppl good prices and try to flip them for a big profit.
Ahh.... I thought I was rich!!! LOL
When Jim first sold the Mark Twains, they immediately began appearing on eBay for many times their Chiproom price. I'm not sure if it was this guy, but there are always those who buy just to resell and are trying to make quick cash.

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