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Oct 11, 2013
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I'm looking to add 40 more Terrible's Mark Twain Primary $25 chips to my set (I have 80 at the moment). I'm happy to buy smaller amounts and even just 20 more would be great for now. I know lots of people here seem to have big Terrible's set and hopefully someone might have a few spares they would sell to me.

Also, I have 20 x almost mint condition Terrible's Mark Twain Secondary $100 chips that I would consider trading for 20 Primary $100 chips in similar condition, or 20 Primary or Secondary Terrible's St Jo $100 chips.
My set are all St. Jo primaries. I had mint MT $25 primaries that came with a set I bought just for the St. Jo chips but sold them many months ago. Great looking chips for sure. Good luck with your search!
Thanks. I regret not buying more when they were more freely available from Jim.
If you really can't find them with shipping internationally but you find them over here in the states I'd be willing to have them shipped to me and then re-ship them to you.

Also like Tommy, I had a rack of these that I sold on eBay a few months back :/.
Thanks, that's a kind offer. I'll keep looking for now and see whether any turn up.
I think I may need to alter my search. I've created a new thread. Still interested in buying 20 more $25 chips.
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Thanks, but in previous emails with Jim he's told me that he has no Terrible's at all, of any denomination.
Cool. You can mark this thread as Bought under the thread tools menu.

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