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Feb 1, 2023
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Los Angeles
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TLDR: Need Terrible's LV or others than St. Joseph's singles/barrels

I have started a random fascination with Terrible's Casino poker chips and started doing some research on them.

I'm looking for potentially a sample set from multiple casinos that I already don't own. Specifically Las Vegas and Pahrump Nevada.

Primary, secondary, it doesn't matter, please post what you got. :)

I'd like to mention an already own a rack of La Grange $25, St. Joseph Primary $1s, Primary $5s, and Secondary $100s.

At the moment I'm looking for singles up to a barrel until I figure out what's out there and what I love most.

Same with the fascination. I think I'll end up commissioning Tina for replicas. Seems like these would be out of my price range to collect a playable set. Good luck!!!!
Same with the fascination. I think I'll end up commissioning Tina for replicas. Seems like these would be out of my price range to collect a playable set. Good luck!!!!
Hmm, i'm not sure if i'd go that route. I'm original or nothing, but who knows. Let me know if you ever go through with it, might chip in a for a sample.
Big fan of Terrible’s! Here are photos my two main cash sets:

Holy crap man your collection is amazing! I hope to have a fraction of what you got one day!

Was there ever a vendor sale on these or did you just come across them?
What, we just posting Terrible's pR0n (not to be confused with terrible porn which I have also posted from time to time)


I also agree, I have a weird fascination with this casino. It first caught my attention when I joined PCF years ago. I had never heard of this casino and thought that the combination of the word Terrible along with Mark Twain was the weirdest thing ever.
Wow, those are some hefty prices well for the $1s, when did poker chip prices sky rocket?
I wasn't here when those first showed up, but I think it is pretty safe to say at some point there was a vendor sale with them. Someone here knows, but I'd guess it was most likely the chip room. This sale that was quoted was long after prices for this particular chip ever traded hands at any sort of reasonable price.

Just in general, over COVID prices of poker chips went up pretty dramatically. Lots of people were being paid to stay home. Many of them were looking on the computer at pretty pictures of poker chips and decided that since they got a bunch of free money they might as well spend it on something useful like poker chips.. With a very limited supply of poker chips from real poker rooms and everyone in America having lots of free money it is easy to see why prices went up dramatically.
I’ll dig into the forums a little more later tonight, hopefully I can get to the bottom of it. Steam just had a recent large collection go up for sale, but I purchased his last couple of racks.

I figured as much, everything sky rocketed with Covid! I was into TCG for a decent period of time during it. Not only America, but the whole world lol. I see a lot of collectors from Europe too.
I have lots of TERRIBLE porn…
Chips, yachts and Baja trucks!


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