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Jun 23, 2019
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Casa Mango, FL
What THC or RHC chips could loosely pass for Taj Mahal $1s and $5s?

I think the easy starting place would be Claim Stake $5s which I believe are exactly the same colors, just 3 spot instead of 4 spot (I don’t know the pattern IDs). I am not sure if Claim Stakes are textured and if they could be over-labeled (wouldn’t want to murder those). But then what THC $1s could I pair that with?

Any RHC options?

I started playing there 20 years ago and the feeling of those chips is what drew me into chipping. It is possible over time picking up small amounts of chips to put a set together in questionable condition but I am curious about other options. I am aware of my CPC options.

[photos from an old sample set post from @Tommy]

oh, great call. I just searched and came across the Indiana Aztars first and I may even like those more.

You’d better hope so, because the Missouri ones are just about impossible to get.
they’re not easy to find in quantities, but be on the lookout for any Atlantic City chips - they were all on a denomination house mold, by regulation, so they probably all feel very similar.
Well that $20 reminds me of the Joker's Wild $5
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I love those colors, but i run into the shaped inlay problem again. I would hate to murder those and an over label wouldn't work I don't think.

I am starting to think if I wanted to do this I would have to go the RHC route. Lots of chips out there readily available and lots in good condition. But those Aztar Indiana $1s would be a good start. If I could figure out a somewhat readily available $5 that would fit the bill I may give this a shot. I could even go with IHC for $20s because I wouldn't need too many.
I would think a rack of Taj $1’s would be cheaper then a rack of the Aztar MO $1’s. Might be hard to find but I’d post a wanted add for those and then either label $5’s and $20’s or just make a mixed set
I would think a rack of Taj $1’s would be cheaper then a rack of the Aztar MO $1’s.

Probably a coin flip, either will likely run $500-$600 a rack unless you can find someone with a full rack of Taj's. More if you want them in very good shape. They're out there, but it'll likely take a while to assemble.


not for sale BTW.... :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
@Jhoov2412 The problem with Taj chips is that there are tons of loose chips floating around from people’s junk drawers but almost none in quantity since the casino chips were destroyed. I can continue collecting 3 at a time on eBay in questionable condition over several years but finding three racks outright would probably be both difficult/impossible and/or expensive. Even though they aren’t that sexy by themselves I think a lot of people hold love for the Taj and those chips. I don’t think they would be that far off the Aztars MOs actually. also mixed mold sets tilt me.

But honestly if I was going to commit to those Aztra and AS chips at that point I would just do a CPC set with real shaped inlays. I am going to see if I can find a workable RHC 5 to go along with the Aztar Indiana 1s. If I found something workable it would be an affordable side project.
I feel what you are saying about having to buy them a few at a time. I had 40 that I had taken off the tables years ago and had to finish my rack (also not for sale) buying a few at a time on eBay. It was def time consuming but I enjoy the hunt. And my rack is def not in as good condition overall as the rack @Irish has.

@Eloe2000 good luck on your hunt for a complementary rhc $5!


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