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Apr 25, 2013
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I am curious was this a table that was found and modified to disguise a newly built table with the top then being able to be placed overtop? or is this a total ground up production? I may be on the look out at furniture stores for this style of table to buy and modify with a secret poker table underneath.... Looks like the perfect solution to the storage issue of what to do and what to store your nice table when not in use.

Looks awesome

It's built from scratch. We built the legs, poker table and made the dining table cover as well to fit snug over the poker table. The skirting on the dining table cover is made to the proper height to hide the poker table underneath. The legs and dining table cover are both solid red oak with a grey stain.

Converting an old table is hard since the apron might not be the right height, and there's usually some hardware underneath the dining tables that might stick out and poke into the poker table.

Dining table covers are a really awesome solution for anyone with storage concerns. If you have a poker topper that sits on a dining table, then you have to store the poker table somewhere when it's not in use. With a dining table cover, you don't have to store anything. When you want to use the poker table, the dining table cover gets set aside for a few hours while you play, then goes right back at the end of the night / morning.


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Apr 23, 2021
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Well, with @T_Chan in the thread, my tables are going to look like they belong here. I'll post them anyway:

Topper with modular rail (like Lt. Dan, it ain't go no legs). Fits in the back seat of a car. (Build thread)


Before and after of my refurbed Craigslist table. New foam and cloth, reinforced around the hinges. Matching the pattern over the two sides was a fun challenge.

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Hey the PitBoss Table how Heavy is it . It looks a lot lighter than Like a metal folding table. I Have an ESPN but I travel to wear we host the game an I am looking for a lighter table . Don't get me wrong the ESPN table is get has LEDs but it takes two people to move an set up with out though throwing your back out.

This is the table am talking about that I have but it made out of steel. Hears what it looks like set up.


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May 1, 2021
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1.25" tall illuminated acrylic raised rail
Custom gaming suede cloth, with custom drawn artwork
Genuine leather rail (big cow)
Brushed aluminum outer raised rail trim
Modern style base (the base is so high gloss, you see the reflection of the flooring)
Bill slot
Bill plunger
Drop box
Chip drawer with lock

4x solid oak drink carts (not pictured)

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This is one of the coolest tables I’ve seen!
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