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May 5, 2020
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We live in the hills above this Indian Casino. Drive by a little while ago. They are working hard still everyday on the building of the new Casino. The old casino was one story with a separate parking garage. In watching the new one go up it will have a 13 story hotel and planned underground parking along with a large outside parking area. Being built on the same property next to the old casino. If which the old casino is now planned to be all for the office space needed to run this big place in the hills.
Welcome to the forum! Hopefully they have nice chips you can harvest and sell us :)
I am really hoping with the new casino opening which is still months away they do end up with all new chips. I know the old racks were pretty well used. When that time comes I will for sure be going and can get back to all here about what I hope will be new racks.
Sure seems who ever is in charge of buying new chips over the years is not loyal to any one company.
I am looking forward to when it does open to see if they get new racks. I would sure hope so. And either way I will check the tables and cage to see if new chips but also if all the older chip have been retired.
Yeah, I’m looking forward to the new casino. From what I was told by a couple of the dealers & what not, it should be done in 2021. Thought I heard towards the beginning or middle of the year, something like that. Took a drive just to see how things are going during all this & seems quite a bit has been done. However, 7-8 more days until it opens back up! Unless something happens of course.

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