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Table and Casino Paulsons, including 1000 $1 PCA Primaries? (NYC) (1 Viewer)

They do look like Prim PCAs but it seems they are not 3DA3/16, look more like 4A3/16... The reds don't seem to be Terrible's MT with 2DA1/4 either as the ones in the picture seem to be also 4A3/16... The chips have dark inlay also... I might be wrong though... Colors look spot on though... Worth a look as you pointed out...


looks like 1000 $1 PCA Primaries, some Terribles, not sure the others.

Guy seems willing to separate chips and the table, historically speaking, Craigslist people usually overvalue their tables and undervalue their chips. Might be worth it for NYC people
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The red on the $1s looks too dark (with too much of a blue/purple hue I think) to me to be PCA primaries. I think they might be Nexgens based on the $25:

I concur, and the black chip matches up too. Nice work.
Definitely nexgens.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418790174.894769.jpg

EDIT aaaand I'm slow on the draw...
I hope he will break the set for the dice chip key-ring ;)
I'm gonna go tuck my tail between my legs now, nothing to see here, move it along

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