Wanted Sunfly Samples AND WSOP Rio Tribute Chips (1 Viewer)

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Aug 22, 2022
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Nashville, TN
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Hi friends!

Short version: I'm looking for two things:

#1: Sunfly samples
#2: WSOP Chips with Rio logo (willing to buy from a few samples up to a full set depending on seller preference)

Longer version:

I worked with a wonderful new friend from the forum (Kid_Eastwood) on a design for a WSOP tribute set. I had a great experience and his design work is top notch.

I've acquired some Alibaba cards mold chips and am hoping to compare them to the Sunfly (polyclay?) chips to help me decide where to order from. If anyone has a sample set of Sunfly chips you were wanting to part with, let me know! If not, I can order them directly. Figured I'd check here first just in case.

In addition to the custom tribute set I will eventually order, I'm hoping to find some of the WSOP tribute chips with the Rio logo on them. I've seen some photos on the forum so I know they exist in the wild somewhere! My wife is planning to use her arts + crafts wizardry to make something for my office to commemorate the first time I attended (and cashed!) the World Series of Poker in 2021 at the Rio. She'll be using a few Copag WSOP cards from 2021, a couple photos, and ideally some poker chips.

I know it's silly, but hey it's the little things in life, right? :)

I'd be willing to purchase a few chips or a full set - whatever is available and preferred by the seller.

Feel free to PM me with any info.

Thanks everyone!
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