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Jan 28, 2016
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For sale 8 samples of @SUN-FLY Poker Chips PolyClay.

These chips are ceramics with a mold (diamonds). They also feature a physically delimited "inlay" area. These features make them different from the more regular other ceramics chips.

Want to try before ordering a custom set ?


There are 8 samples available.
They are 5€ each + shipping.
To be cost effective, in case several US members want a sample, I can ship them all to the same address and then you re-ship with domestic mail.

  1. @davislane
  2. @davislane
  3. @MeikCat
  4. @MeikCat
  5. @nostan
  6. @Mr Winberg
  7. @Mr Winberg
  8. @Bobb59

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Yes please! I'm interested in seeing how these differ, if at all, from the China Cards mold chips.

I'm also willing to be the US re-shipper if that ends up happening. Canada as well, as small padded envelopes seem to be the exception to exorbitant shipping costs between the US and Canada. Based on my experience with my Dealer button GB, I should be able to reship for around $4 to US or Canada.
They differ in these aspects :
- Top noch edge alignment
- Never got a single spinner
- Edge are not sharp as the ones in the card mold GB
@davislane and @Bobb59 , delivered to @Bobb59 address, it is 5.10€ for the shipping of your 3 samples delivered with Mondial Relay.

@MeikCat , it's 8.40€ tracked delivered to a relay point or 10.2€ delivered to your address. Both options include tracking. If in a bubble enveloppe it's less than 100g, then 5.55€ without tracking. If it's more than 100g then it's 11.1€.

@nostan and @Mr Winberg , by letter to Sweden, it's 5.55€ if < 100g or 11.1€ is more than 100g.

@RivieraDanny and @TX_Golf_N_Poker , it's 6.21€ if less < 100g or 12.42€ is > 100g. All untracked. For a small tracked package, I think it's +/- 18€.
Maybe a good idea there is that I ship everything to one and the other just send it via domestic mail ?

If you decide to go with untracked letter, I'd request to send me the price for > 100g and I'll refund if at the post office the weight is just below 100g.

Let me know how you want to proceed.
Doesn’t matter. @TX_Golf_N_Poker want it shipped here or there or individual. I’m game either way.
Cards mold chips are 10g each, so I assume these are about that same weight. That means 12 chips are over 100g without any packing materials. 6 are only 60g so in a small padded envelope should be able to stay under 100g. Since over 100g is double the cost of under, seems like it makes more sense to send them separately.
Also, the bubble enveloppe is 1.5€. but as I said consider the >100g price and we'll work from there.
Well that's the price at my post office.
I can also use a cheap enveloppe and put some bubble paper inside if you prefer and then don't add this extra 1.5€.
Sorry. I didn't really consider that this was going to end up at over $15 USD. You can make my set available to someone else.
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