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Apr 25, 2013
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Who wants a deck? I have 4 available to give away. I am happy to send one to you for free, shipping included providing you can write up a quick review of the cards. Not so much interested in the comparison of the numbers font or the pips, since I would not be getting the same "Dragon" design.

They are the Dragon poker size cards. I may be getting a custom design made in Bridge size in the near future. Their minimum order is 2,000 decks so I would like to know if there's a demand for the cards.


2020-03-27 15.06.29.jpg
2020-03-27 15.08.12.jpg
2020-03-27 15.08.36.jpg
2020-03-27 15.10.02.jpg
I’m in for a sample deck, with review in return. Would be interested in a few decks especially poker/medium or jumbo index. And diff colors if this turns into a group buy. Txs
Got more than the 4 I needed, I'll be contacting the first dibs'ers later to get addresses for shipping.

They only provided me with Poker size but they said they do have bridge size available. If I place an order with them, it'll be for bridge sized cards.
Is this going to turn into a mini GB? Or are you buying all for the chanman himself? How much per deck @ 2k ea?
A bit of both. I want to stock more cards, there's a growing demand. I'll still be stocking Desjgn cards as well but I plan on having these cards for sale. Not sure about pricing yet, still in the preliminary stages. Shipping is a big factor as well as duties.

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