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Feb 14, 2018
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San Jose, CA
Hello everyone and happy new year!

For 2023 and beyond I will host semi-regular home games. Most games will be NLHE cash games with some tournaments, dealers-choice, and micro-stakes games mixed in. I always forget to reach out to the Bay Area PCF'ers on here, so I'm doing it first thing to ring in the new year!

Location is San Jose near Kelley Park. My game is typically 1 table, 10 players max. Some bigger tournaments will host 2-3 tables.

Tentative Schedule - Wednesday and Sunday games:
Jan 11 - NL Hold em cash : .25¢/.50¢
Jan 25 - NL Hold em cash : .25¢/.50¢
Feb 5 - Birthday Tourney : $150 buy-in 15K starting
Feb 15 - NL Hold em micro : .5¢/.10¢
Mar 1 - NL Hold em cash : .25¢/.50¢
Mar 5 - NL Tourney : $100 buy-in 10K starting
Mar 15 - NL Hold em micro : .5¢/.10¢
Mar 29 - Dealers choice limit
Apr 2 - NL Tourney : $100 buy-in 10K starting

Much more information can be provided if you send me a direct message here. I won't update this thread for every new game that's added, so to get on the invite list for these or future games please DM me and I'll get you on our email list. Also, events/game/stakes are all subject to change yada yada... And finally, good luck and see you on the felt!

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