Suggestions for a $100 chip in this lineup? (1 Viewer)

Nov 17, 2016
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Lewiston, ME
I am working on a custom Cali set and am having a hard time figuring out what should be my $100 chip.

CDM would be my $5 chip and Casino Aztar my $20 chip.

Suggestions welcome.

Those white Casino de Mexico (or Gardenas) might work, although the spot pattern is very similar to your hundo. The issue is that most white chips don’t have a very elaborate spot.

ES $1 might work as well, though not leaded.
You'd best not be replacing the inlays on those Aztars...
I will lose it if I see a murdered Aztar $100 secondary!
Eddies $500
Came here to say the same thing. Too rare and too pretty to murder without consequences. Plenty of common black/charcoal chips to choose from. Same goes for the white Eddie's Fab '50s $500. Show some damn respect.

That's the issue with the JNs. Super awesome chips, none close to mint. There's a rack out there that is good shape, can't remember who owns it.
I had two racks (out of 240 chips total or so) that were near-mint; still have one of 'em.
I think the Jerry's Nugget TH&C chip is the way to go here... although I don't think Spinetti's has any more of them with the small inlay. Could be wrong.
Is that a sin? If so, venial or mortal?
Just so you're aware on the murder subject. If you are murdering a shaped inlay it's supposed to be replaced with a shaped inlay. I think it's tough/awkward to replace with a round one. I got mixed up on this once and it altered my plans.

For what it's worth on the chip I agree with the ES 1, or something with a similar spot pattern.

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