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3 of a Kind
Mar 3, 2020
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Raleigh, NC
Is there a new custom chip maker using the H and A molds? This popped up on my Instagram feed. You can search for Strasser Clay Chips to find them. Assume this is someone here?


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A search of "strasser clay chips" returns nothing related to the above image (even in "Image Search").

And that press is a juuust a little underpowered for compressed clay chips.
The clay in the image is modeling clay. The cutouts were done with an Xacto knife. The blank is not pressed before the spots are inserted (following Xacto knife procedure).

As The Great Leader would say "This is Fake News, The Enemy of the People, JOBS!!"
Looks like it is someone in Europe trying to make their own clay chips. More power to them and hopes for great success I say.

OK. Not what I thought at all unless it's a long lost CT member returning ("Hey Brother" if that's the case).

The more pertinent question is .....who can this be?

Wasn't @Meddler2 trying to make Fimo chips at one point? (sorry if I mis-remembered - I don't have access to the CT electrons that are surely floating around somewhere).
Those chips remind me of old Simpsons sketches from the Tracey Ullman Show.

I dare someone to order a set.

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