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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
I recently switched from an old, reliable and inexpensive Motorola flip phone to my new, amazing Samsung Galaxy S4. (I was thinking of getting the S5, but the S4 got such a good writeup and cost so much less, I went for the S4.)

Long story short, my old phone died while I was traveling, and I got a prepaid phone for a month, so I couldn't bring my original old number over to the nice new phone. I got a new number.

And, of course, my name is Dennis.

The problem is, so is the guy who had this number before me. It took me awhile to figure this out.

On Christmas day, an addiction center called to check on me by name because they "knew" it was a tough time right now. I love Christmas, so I immediately suspected a setup. (Note: Being paranoid does not convince the drug counselor that you're not the guy they're looking for.)

Bill collectors started calling about a debt to a company of which I've never heard. I suspected identity theft.

Eventually, when people started calling about work -- his, not mine -- I realized they were looking for "the other Dennis," whose name they quickly supplied.

It's down to a couple of calls a week now, but it's still very strange. My first name had been sort of "hijacked" by a drug addict who can't get to work on time and hates Christmas. And my family has enough trouble with the last name.

But that's another story...
Years ago when we moved into our current house we got a new landline (new to us anyway). The lady who had our old phone number had overdue movie rentals, library books and unpaid prescriptions amongst other things. Finally went away after about a year but I feel your pain!
The Dennis coincidence is crazy, but I've heard WAY worse where the previous owner was an all out loser. I have a friend in town right now who gets upwards to 10 calls per day about skipped alimony payments, legal issues, car payments, home payments, angry people looking for him in general. The works. I keep telling him to get a new number and he doesn't (He keeps thinking it will die down).

If the number is new, I'd just request another one.
Do you have showbox and/or homecinema on your android? if not, their worth picking up.
I had a similar problem, though not quite as unusual/annoying as Dennis'.

Someone filled out one of those "I need health insurance" surveys and (mistakenly, I assume) put my direct office number on it. Suddenly, I started getting 8-10 calls a day from telemarketers trying to sell me insurance. I just ignored them or hung up at first, but they were relentless. After a few weeks, I started answering and told the caller, "This is a business number, please take me off your list." Only then did the calls finally slow down.

It's now about a year and a half later, and I still get 2-4 calls a week. Those are almost always recordings that don't offer an easy way to talk to a human, so not much I can easily do except hang up.
When we first bought our house we'd get phone calls from 3am - 4am from guys looking for "T" at least once a week for about 6 months. Eventually the calls stopped... I guess word got around that "T" had a new number. I guess because of the regularity and time of the calls, we assumed "T" was into something not quite kosher

Oh... and I'm Dennis too.. not that Dennis... a different Dennis

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