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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
Today, I received an e-mail from "Ross," who said he was in the United Kingdom and was interested in buying a roulette wheel from me. He wanted to know what shipping would cost and, oddly, what size table came with the wheel. And although he said his name was Ross, his e-mail was listed as coming from "Kerim."

When I answered that I needed his address to estimate shipping and wheels don't "come with" a table, he replied, "You mean we can put the roulette wheel on any table we want?" (He still didn't supply an address.)

This was all too odd, so I checked into his IP address. I grabbed his IP address from the header and used the IP Address Tracker. I learned that the IP address is registered to a David and came from a street in a residential neighborhood outside Seattle, Washington. (Same area, by coincidence, as the last guy to rip us off.)

I sent an e-mail back, telling him I could not ship him a wheel.

He actually replied, indignant that I was "accusing [him] of fraud." He offered to send a copy of his driver's license-- something no sane person would ever do anyway. An identity thief would have no problem sending the driver's license he grabbed from your wallet, though.

Through it all, I was wondering why someone would pay to ship a 35-pound roulette wheel from the United States to Great Britain when he could buy a wheel there. Or why a guy would want to buy a high-end roulette wheel when he clearly knows nothing about roulette.

I explained why I could not do the transaction and said, basically, "That's it." Any replies from him will be going into the spam folder.

Now I'm wondering what he'll try next.
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Weird. I wonder what the end game was.

1. Steal an ID / credit card
2. Buy lots of high-end goods and have them shipped to a conspirator in another country, where U.S. law can't get to you.

We have whole companies set up in my state that do nothing but ship stuff to the former Soviet Republics. Most of it is hot. They pretend not to know.

In the case of "Ross/Kerim/David," I thought it was odd that he didn't really know anything about roulette. After many, many transactions with the good, reputable folks on PCF, his lack of knowledge was a real red flag.

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